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My goal is to teach you Spanish, therefore I developed an unique intensive, fun and efficient method.

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The Learn Spanish Courses

Online Spanish language course

Learn to speak Spanish fluently | VOLUME 1

€174 €217 (save 43 euros)

6 Hours of masterclass + online course for FREE

For a limited time I will give 6 hours of Spanish masterclass, exclusively to the first buyers of this offer.

The purpose of these masterclasses is to perfect your Spanish. To do this, I will carry out a diagnosis of your current level of Spanish, and from that I will design a program of classes specifically to solve the main deficiencies that you have when speaking Spanish.

Likewise, I will solve all the doubts that have arisen while you were taking the online course Boost Your Spanish Skills.

€1100 1237 (save 137 euros)

48 Hours of 1 on 1 classes and get 6 hours + online course for FREE

In my one-to-one courses I use various strategies to get my students to speak Spanish confidently and fluently.

Right now the 48-hour package has a special offer, you will save money and fulfill your dream of speaking Spanish fluently once and for all. Also, if you enroll in this class package, you will receive an additional 6 hours of lessons, which will save you 137 euros. You will get 54 hours of Spanish lessons.

You can also enroll in any of the other class packages, you will not get a discount, but you will have made the right decision to help you speak Spanish fluently!

Why online Spanish training with me?

My name is Alex De la Paz and I am your instructor.

Alexander de la Paz Spanish teacher
Alex De la Paz | Your instructor

#1. Training from a native Spanish speaker

Not only am I a native speaker from Colombia, but I also lived in Argentina and Spain. That means I am familiar with different kinds of Spanish accents.

#2. Teaching experience

I am an university professor for over 20 years. Or was, to be precise, because now I have my own language teaching company 🙂

#3. An unique method to learn Spanish

After so much experience as a professor, I developed my own method to learn Spanish in a fun, fast and efficient way.

What Do My Students Say?

Do you prefer private Spanish lessons? Or do you want private lessons after the online course?

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