Learn to speak Spanish fluently | VOLUME 1

Do you want to improve your skills in Spanish? Are you going to travel through a country where Spanish is the main language? Do you have a partner from a Spanish speaking country, and want to be able to speak well with him/her or with your family in law? Want to work or volunteer abroad and therefore you need to speak Spanish? Or are you going to emigrate to a Spanish speaking country?

Then this Spanish language online course is for you.

Online Spanish language course

In your own time

When you enter in the course you will have lifetime access. You can follow the course in your own time, pace and everywhere you want.

Do you also want 1 on 1 lessons? Check the special prices below!

20 hours of classes

The course consists of 10 modules. Each module has 2 hours of class and homework for at least 5 days a week. I have designed the course in this way so that every day you have contact with the Spanish language. When I give the same course to my students in one-on-one classes it lasts 2 and a half months.

Grammar exercises

Although this is not a grammar course, it is true that you will find presentations with explanations on the use of the subjunctive, exercises to learn the use of prepositions and much more.


For this course I wrote 10 real-life dialogues. With phrases, Spanish verbs, sayings and vocabulary. Reading and analysing those dialogues will help you a lot learning Spanish in a way you can use in real-life practice.

Songs & lyrics

Listening to Spanish music and corresponding lyrics will make you familiar with the Spanish language and culture. Every module contains a song and its respective lyrics.

Spanish movies & series

Watching movies in Spanish will help you a lot to learn listening well and take over the pronunciation of words, verbs and phrases. It’s a perfect way to learn Spanish faster. Every module I give a recommendation for a Spanish movie or series to watch.

Reading Spanish

Reading in Spanish helps a lot to learn new words, phrases and gramatical structures. Therefore, you will find readings in this course, suitable for learning Spanish.


Listening, listening and more listening. That’s the way to learn Spanish. I produce a podcast, specially designed for my Spanish students with which you will achieve that goal.


Did you know that it helps a lot memorize common and difficult phrases? For example certain verb structures. Therefore, at the end of every module, you find phrases to memorise and repeat over and over again.

What is my level of Spanish language

Do I need to speak a bit of Spanish to follow this course?

This course is for everybody who wants to learn Spanish or improve skills in Spanish. However, this is not a beginners course.

As a beginner you can follow the course, but I recommend that you already speak a bit of Spanish before you start. Following this course without any knowledge of the Spanish language will be very difficult for you. Off course, with hard work, you finally will learn a lot.

To conclude: yes, you need a b it of Spanish to follow this course and really learn from it.

I recommend to this course for pre-intermediate, intermediate and advanced Spanish learners.

HOWEVER: if you choose one of the packages that includes 1 on 1 classes, this course is perfect for beginners too!

In what language is this course?

You are reading this page, so probably your goal is to learn speaking Spanish fluently or to improve your Spanish skills.

You won’t reach this goal by reading and listening to English the whole time.

Therefore, this course is completely in Spanish, with some introduction in English.

Don’t you understand the tasks I give or other texts in the course, than you can always use Google translate to help you out. In that way you inmediatly learn something new.

My podcasts are also completely in Spanish. After all, that’s what you want to learn and I want to help you in the best way possible.

Spanish online course

Learn Spanish online courses

How to use this Spanish online course? Repetition is key!

As you read before on this page you already know this course consists of 10 modules with dialogues, texts, podcasts, movies, phrases, grammar exercises and more.

Reading and listening all those content just one time won’t help you a lot.

I always say to my students: repitition is key. You learn by listening to the same stories many times. Reading the same text over and over. Maybe the first time you understand just 20%. The second time 30%, and the tenth time you will be able to understand 90% of the content. So, it can be said that at that moment you master that vocabulary.

By repitition you make yourself familiar with the language and everytime you recognise other verbs, structures and vocabulary. At one point you will notice that when you speak Spanish it will we more spontaneous and easy, because you read and listened so much in Spanish.

Enjoy the simple things in life, have fun!

What do students say about my Spanish teaching skills?

Choose your Spanish course and speak fluently soon!

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The course consists of 10 modules. Each module has 2 hours of class and homework for at least 5 days a week. I have designed the course in this way so that every day you have contact with the Spanish language.

When I give the same course to my students in one-on-one classes it lasts 2 and a half months.

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How do you pay? You can buy one of the courses directly by clicking the button. You will pay with PayPal or creditcard. Don’t have neither? In that case you can pay by bank transfer to a Dutch bank. Just send me an e-mail to info@learnspanishwithanativespeaker.com.

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