Academic Cultural Journey | Medellín


Our program offers a unique opportunity to learn Spanish in a real-world context, surrounded by the warmth and hospitality of the Colombian people. With my help and immersive cultural tours, you’ll be speaking Spanish like a native sooner than you think.
Salsa in the streets, murals in Comuna 13 – Medellín’s energy is contagious! Explore a coffee plantation, then be dwarfed by El Peñol, one of the biggest monoliths in the world. Cruise Guatapé Lake’s waters and wander its colorful streets. Our immersive Academic-Cultural Journey will give you a taste of everything Medellín has to offer.

Reservations: to reserve the Academic-Cultural Journey, the student must previously deposit 50% (1,760 USD) of the value of the package.

The remaining 50% of the money (1,760 USD) must be deposited 15 days before trip start. The money must be transferred to the PayPal account of LEARN SPANISH WITH A NATIVE SPEAKER. Then, 15 days before starting classes, I will send the second invoice on PayPal.

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