Academic Cultural Journey | The Amazon


This program will include both classroom lessons and immersive cultural tours in the Amazon, Colombia, allowing students to practice their Spanish skills in real-life situations. This adventure will be full of surprises both in the classroom and on the indigenous community, so new topics and experiences may arise every day. Immerse yourself in the inviting warmth and genuine hospitality that will make you feel right at home in this remarkable cultural tapestry that is Colombia.

Interesting fact: Covering much of northwestern Brazil and extending into Colombia, Peru and other countries in South America, the Amazon rainforest is the world’s largest rainforest and is renowned for its biodiversity. It is crisscrossed by thousands of rivers, including the Amazon, the longest and mightiest river in the world, and contains more water than the Nile, the Yangtze, and the Mississippi combined, accounting for about a fifth of the planet’s fresh liquid water.

Reservations: to reserve the Academic-Cultural Journey, the student must previously deposit 50% (1,760 USD) of the value of the package.

The remaining 50% of the money (1,760 USD) must be deposited 15 days before trip start. The money must be transferred to the PayPal account of LEARN SPANISH WITH A NATIVE SPEAKER. Then, 15 days before starting classes, I will send the second invoice on PayPal.

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